Multitasking: The Jury is Out

Uncategorized Aug 21, 2018

All my life, I thought the ability to multitask was a positive and desirable “talent” to acquire. It seemed a great way to accomplish numerous tasks in a short period of time. Intellectually I reasoned that with all the many technological innovations at hand, life should become simpler. Yet, I wondered why it never felt so. Do you wonder the same thing? Do you often feel that the world just seems to turn faster and faster, making it harder to get everything done — even to the point of becoming overloaded, overwhelmed, and stressed out? Do you sometimes feel “heroic” in your own little world, catching up and getting so many things accomplished, balancing all the balls in the air, and taking care of all the never-ending items that get thrown at you? I do. Yet within a short period of time, don’t we somehow find ourselves back where we started with the pace of life speeding up all over again? While researching this topic, I uncovered a startling fact. Scientific studies now indicate that constant multitasking (chronic multitasking) is harmful to your health. Well, that got my attention!